5 Lapis Sagu 5 Rempah Udang

5 Lapis Sagu 5 Rempah Udang

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Shrimp¬†ūü¶ź | 5 x Lapis Sagu, 5 x Rempah Udang¬†|


Lapis Sagu

Made with delicacy, this multi coloured¬†sweet snack¬†is made layer by layer¬†at a¬†time, hence achieving its signature name¬†‚ÄĒ the 9-layer kueh.¬†

 Rempah Udang

Unwrap to this blue delight known traditionally as Rempah Udang/Lemper Udang - a Peranakan dumpling roll, made from glutinous rice and spicy shrimp paste (hae bee hiam) wrapped in pandan leaves.