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This SG56, Hokkien, Peranakan, Cantonese and Hakka unite! 

Pork 🐖 | Weigh 205g x 10

Pulut Hitam Nonya x 3

A tribute to the dessert that incites nostalgia. Crafted with luxurious black glutinous rice which glisten like black pearls in our award winning nonya dumpling, the texture and mild nutty fragrance of the pulut hitam along with our signature sweet, soft rice makes for a satisfying combination.

Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling x 3

The famous Hakka dish in a dumpling – an aromatic blend of mui choy
(preserved vegetables) and bamboo leaves, accompanied with layers of
succulent pork belly that melt right in your mouth. These savoury flavours
hit you just right, leaving you wanting nothing but more.

Salted with Egg Yolk Rice Dumpling x 2

An upgraded version of the Salted rice dumpling, this treat contains a golden salted egg yolk as its treasure. With premium pork, chestnut and mushrooms braised to perfection in a fragrant blend of spices, this dumpling is a sure hit with savoury food lovers out there.

Cantonese Bean Rice Dumpling x 2

Of Cantonese origin, this refreshing rice dumpling caters for those with a lighter palate. The flavours of braised pork, premium grade mushrooms, chestnut, glutinous rice and finely ground green beans combine to produce an unforgettable and harmonious gastronomical fantasy.