Memory Trove Gift Set A

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A beautiful velvety gift box with nostalgic delights of 4 Nonya Rice Dumplings, 4 Hokkien Rice Dumplings, and 1 Kueh Salat.

Nonya Rice Dumpling

A classic fan favourite, this sweet rice dumpling embodies the distinctive Peranakan flavour. It consists of minced lean pork and winter melon strips that are sauteed with a special spice blend, and smothered with soft, sticky glutinous rice.

Hokkien Rice Dumpling

An all-time favourite rice dumpling that is stuffed full of braised pork belly, chestnuts and mushrooms.

Kueh Salat

A traditional nonya kueh with a two-layer composition – a green custard layer with a delicate pandan aroma; and a fragrant glutinous rice layer that is naturally coloured with blue pea flower.

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